This summer is easier to sleep keeping your attic bedroom cool in with VELUX. Download your 15% cash back coupon now and decide if you want to enjoy 95% heat protection and blackout at the touch of a button.

Discover VELUX roller shutters

Perfect for any climate or time of year, VELUX roller shutters prevent your bedroom from getting too hot in the summer, keeps it warm in the winter (saving you money), lets you completely block out all light at any time of the day, and increases security.

Tap on the hot spots

Better insulation

VELUX roller shutters aren’t just great in summer, they also boost your window’s thermal insulation properties in winter. This saves you money on your bills by reducing the loss of heat within the bedroom.

95% less heat

Fall asleep while gazing at the stars, wake up to the sunrise or simply block it all out. Our blackout blinds will ensure a good night’s sleep and deliver complete blackout any time of the day – perfect for an afternoon nap.

Total darkness

Adding a VELUX roller shutter gives you 100% insulation from exterior light pollution at night. And, of course, enables you to completely block out all light from your bedroom in the daytime, too.

Noise reduction

Noisy neighbours? Near a road or flight path? Or disturbed by rain and other outdoor sounds? You’ll sleep more peacefully by adding VELUX roller shutters, as they provide excellent sound insulation and can reduce the effect of exterior noises by up to 400%.

Easy to install

VELUX roller shutters can be installed in under an hour and are compatible with all VELUX windows. We can help you find a VELUX Certified Installer or, if you’re happy to install them yourself, we provide clear instructions to download that walk you carefully through every step.

Remote control

Remote controlled and solar powered roller shutters are also available. These are great when combined with VELUX ACTIVE and NETATMO smart sensors which monitor the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels then open or close your VELUX INTEGRA® electric and solar roof shutters, windows, and blinds to create a healthier indoor climate.

Added security

VELUX roller shutters are made of hard-wearing aluminium that’s built to last. Not only does that mean they protect your windows from what nature throws at them; they also provide valuable additional security for your bedroom too.

Tap on the hot spots

Remote controlled and solar powered shutter

VELUX solar roller shutters integrate perfectly with existing VELUX roof windows. Integrated photovoltaic cells capture sunlight to recharge the battery, enabling them to operate autonomously throughout the year. And because they’re wireless, installation is simple with no decorating or building work needed. They can either be controlled by a wall-mounted panel (supplied) or remotely via VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO (optional)..

Contact a VELUX Certified installer

Make sure you make the best decision and get free guidance from a VELUX Certified Installer about product selection, pricing, and installation.

All quotations include no obligation to buy.

Be inspired with our shutters and blinds brochure

Be inspired with our shutters and blinds brochure

Add the perfect finishing touch to your VELUX roller shutter with VELUX blinds. We commissioned leading Parisian agency, Trend Union, to create an eclectic mix of colours and fabrics. The result is a stunning collection that complements every interior beautifully.