This summer is easier to sleep keeping your attic bedroom cool in with VELUX. Download your 15% cash back coupon now and decide if you want to enjoy 72% heat protection while you keep nice daylight through your VELUX roof windows.

Discover VELUX awning blinds

Perfect for any climate or time of year, VELUX awning blinds prevent your bedroom from getting too hot while keeping nice daylight and outside views. Enjoy sunny days from your attic with VELUX awning blinds.

Tap on the hot spots

72% less heat

VELUX awning blind stops the heat before it hits your roof window preventing overheat in the room and notably reducing inside temperature

Keep daylight and outside view

Transparent fabric allows enjoy nice sunny days and views through your VELUX roof windows while keeping the heat out.

Discreet and functional

VELUX awning blind can be rolled out while you open your roof windows. It keeps hidden in the top side of your roof window when not in use.

Easy installation

Installed in minutes from inside.

Tap on the hot spots

Manual awning blind

VELUX manual awning blind integrate perfectly with existing VELUX roof windows. Easy installed from inside in some minutes, help keeping perfect temperature in the room while daylight is spread inside. On top of that, this exterior defense is perfect to be combined with interior blackout blind, providing complete solution to have the best sleep in your attic bedroom.

Contact a VELUX Certified installer

Make sure you make the best decision and get free guidance from a VELUX Certified Installer about product selection, pricing, and installation.

All quotations include no obligation to buy.

Be inspired with our shutters and blinds brochure

Be inspired with our shutters and blinds brochure

Add the perfect finishing touch to your exterior VELUX awning blind adding interior blinds to get additional benefits. Discover full range of VELUX blinds and shutters here.